Vertical Gardens

Green Facades

They have a huge potential especially in dense cities where planting vegetation in streets, parks and other horizontal areas is not possible. We use various forms of green facades- from simple creepers, through rope and stainless steel mesh systems to large-surface panels.

Floral Walls

Floral walls bring freshness to an interior and improve the microclimate while radiating positive energy for the human mind to absorb. The number of plants makes a difference here, with about 30 plants per square metre of wall. You won’t find that many on a windowsill! Floral walls don’t have to be connected to a water supply or drain, only a power connection for automatic irrigation and artificial lighting is necessary. Our services will guarantee even that after years the wall will be as beautiful as it was on the first day.

Living Screens

With this is new component to interior partitioning, an open-concept office will get new life and people will look forward to coming to the office. These mobile screens, full of living plants, need only be plugged into an electrical outlet for the lighting and automatic irrigation systems. Both one-sided or double-sided option is available to meet your needs.

Floral Paintings

These especially elegant and lively interior accessories change their shape all year round. We are able to design suitable lighting, install automatic irrigation and create individual frames from materials to match your interior. Well-suited for any space, we can select plants to suit your needs or you can entrust it entirely to us.